Our subsidiary Terminaux de Seine

Terminaux de Seine, a subsidiary of Paris Terminal SA and TDS Logistique, operates five container terminals in Ile-de-France:

  • Bonneuil sur Marne (94)
  • Evry (91)
  • Limay (78)
  • Longueil Sainte Marie (60)
  • Paris La Bourdonnais (75)

The total surface area of these sites represents almost 90 000 square meters (=968751,9 sq ft). The main activity of Terminaux de Seine is cargo handling and its customers are mainly barge operators, shipping companies and carriers.

Terminaux de Seine’s platforms use river-sea procedure and are temporary storage facilities. This procedure allows early customs clearance and a cash advance for the payment of customs duties.



Urban distribution

In August 2012, Terminaux de Seine established the first urban traffic distribution in Paris for Franprix stores in partnership with Norbert Dentressangle.

Cloud Containing

In 2013, Terminaux de Seine and Paris Terminal SA developed the concept of “Cloud Containing” to create a single warehouse in Ile-de-France, representing a storage capacity of 300 000 square meters (322917,3 sq ft) or 18 000 teu’s.